A Swedish politician thinks everyone should take a midday sex break

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He argues that state sponsored afternoon delight could improve couple’s relationships.

It is a very noble idea, but one that comes from the mind of a man. Now that doesn’t mean it is necessarily a bad idea, however most women do function differently as men. Especially when it comes to sex.

Patriarchy has made us belief that women should get wet instantly, and penetration can be done after one lame kiss.

The media portrays this idea over and over. Making us belief that both men and women should constantly be wanting sex or having sex. A small kiss should be enough, a hot image should do the trick, a few dirty words should work like magic.

Reality is far from that. Even though these tricks and encouragements work for 75% of men, only 15% of the women are lucky to get off like this!!

A lot of women still have sex on their to-do-list and as something they “have” to do to please their partner, or to “keep him happy”.

The pressure that will be placed on women to now also NEED to have sex in the midday break can also be felt as more pressure to need to give. And can result in women beating themselves up over why their bodies don’t work like they wish they would.

They can end up getting stuck deeper in the painful hidden and unshared beliefs that there is something wrong with them. It enhances their feelings of; there is something not right with me, I am broken!

If this state sponsored midday gourmet should become a REAL success, they should first hire some proper high trained professionals to educate and guide couples to learn to truly understand one and other.

We should be focusing on changing the old ways of patriarchal sex. So that both man and women can experience the blissful orgasmic potential of this midday-sex-break.

How can sex really work for both men and women?

When both partners are invested in learning how to ignite female desire; emotionally and physically.
When both partners know the tools and ways to create and rebuild chemistry in their relationship.
When both partners know how to have intense, multiple full-body orgasms. Over and over again. His, and hers!
When the woman knows the ways to open him mind, body and soul.
When the man knows how to support her and hold her to clear the major blocks that women have to claiming their sexuality.
When he learns new ways of building his confidence as a lover
When they are thought the practices and techniques to allow the female partner to fully surrender to pleasure and joy.
When women learn to understand, and know their own bodies and know the three main female orgasms; clitoral, G-Spot and cervical. So they can understand what they are and what they love.

We can collectively take our sexual experiences to a higher ground. Where sex will be more than a quick midday break. A moment to truly recharge, connect to the divine, and open up to the energy of our soul. Where sexual energy can be used to rejuvenate your entire being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. So that our midday-sacred-sex-break will be the new normal, where we can learn to continue to grow, to explore and discover the real sacred ways of connecting sexually.

PS: send this to our government and get us in the system to educate couples, to safe marriages. A fund to restore the sacredness of marriage/partnership. So that families can function better, be happier and more loving.

Marianne van Katwijk

Female Sacred Sex Coach